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At Trinity Baptist Church, we believe growth comes from community and connection with others. We are dedicated to creating a space focused on pursuing God together.

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Jason WilsonLast Sunday
Why Do We Give?

Financial Support

Financial support at Trinity is most often referred to as “Stewardship.” The Lord has made us stewards of all that He has given us which includes our finances.

Church members and guests visiting Trinity are encouraged to financially support the ministries

that reach people. There are three main areas of stewardship giving. They are: General

Giving, Journey, and Faith Promise.

General Giving:

This is the primary financial source to fund ministries, host events and maintain the facilities & grounds of Trinity.

Often referred to as “Tithes”, this financial support fulfills the annual budget goals for each ministry that honors the Lord and serves people.

The Journey Project:

Refers to the new 13,900 square foot Children’s Building constructed in January 2024. It also included the improvement of the south parking lot along 17th Street. Financial support to “Journey” pays down the debt of this new facility which directly ministers to kids and young families.